Approaching Retirement?

You want the certainty of a guaranteed retirement income, but everyone else offers you possibilities. Micruity can help bridge this gap. 

What do you need to consider?

  • Proper planning is essential to a successful retirement

  • In general, an individual will need 70% of their average gross annual income to maintain the same lifestyle during retirement

  • Individuals who have access to a pension plan through their employer can count on providing 30-40% of the income they need. Where will the rest come from?

  • Individuals with no access to an employer pension plan or who have a reduced pension fund need more options

What we believe

  • You should maintain your lifestyle during retirement

  • You need a guaranteed income all your life

  • You should be able to benefit from a good plan and more options

We offer...

  • A new product unlike anything else on the market

  • A product exclusive to Micruity members

  • Tax deductible as an RRSP contribution

  • Simple, guaranteed and with no unpleasant surprises

  • Find out how much you need to save to get the retirement income you want

  • Annuity payments are 100% guaranteed for life

  • A way to save money with worrying about stock market fluctuations